remember when you could poke people on FB lmao… what a time warp. the original social media pioneers, bloggers, internet savvy users, remember, it was a spicy time to be around on the internet if you knew how to use it well at that time too.

that had to have been from around 2006/07-maybe 2012 ish, when fb was social media, not a warzone lmao. I want to build a new network so large its will make sense when its complete or at least when the framework is put together. non nonsense, all positive, and punctual, and organized.would be cool to get a team of creative minds together to fill in pieces or roles of the bigger picture, more to come on this, let me know if you can contribute. back to the time warp.

wasn’t it odd to be in that generation at your age. what stage were you in life, high school(me), college, adult, career, found your life path, student, not even born? crazy to think about how time correlates with the internet. a woven timeline. what if you were you now, but back then – it would it feel like you had super powers with the info you have learned over the acquired years, and being able to maximize the hardware at that time. memories are like a soul like time travel. in a astral plane.

time travel is relevant, everyone has mind body, spirit, you just need to find awareness. align. ascend. share your knowledge.

anyways. poke.

jw kimbro.

oct 09 2.36a azt