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Whats cool about dubb, is that its shorthand for double-you, as in “W”. it also is represented as the numerical sense, such as double, a/o (and/or) win, Like we took the Dub(b)!. just some background on my personal etymology, and how the background of just dubb came to be, such as my username @”dubb”xyz on IG. and its also shorthand on my other name jdubb just from grade school days to naturally in conversation with my clients, and new acquaintances. its just naturally jdubb or jdubbs.

I think its just bad ass to be introducing myself as dubb. so if I did this it was probably in the environment or professionally on my craft side of things when I am focusing on my on business goals, such as the art world, music, design consulting, and estorica.

the real world.

kinda like a pop culture name, like an artist alias. idk I feel we are all the same but we have different character traits that we focus on time to time and one way to do that personally is think about how i interact with different social circles, family, friends, colleagues, sports teammates, extra curricular and hobbies. some get a merge your containers of public personality of that sector sees you as. Think you are the biggest in the room for a competition or the most interested in learning in one area or another, but then you go to antoehr social circle they have no clue what you came from, just as you are in the present at that time. This leads our other social circles to overlap and miss a lot of the pieces from your overall identity.

anyways what i am saying is, just have fun be yourself, thats kinda why I am making this blog, I hope to keep a good frequency of publish rate. so I can fill in all the missing pieces,you cant always explain your thought process in a concise manner, so an ongoing thought log, at a public level gets a better picture out there. so I can always come back and expand and comment on a thought, just give me some input and ask questions, I invite you to have a conservation in yours and my personal time, dm me!


oct 09 2021 1:57a