Internet Theory

[For having grown from the introduction of the “newsgroup mindset” to the modern day internet use, I have used the internet as a hobby from the age of 10 which would’ve been in 2001, 3/4th grade, and the pioneer days of the internet as we know it, the golden age, the days before Google, Amazon, Facebook, and we used Ask Jeeves, Yahoo!, eBay, surfed the forums, and everyone had their “spot” on the internet. Everyone meaning the tech minded, the ones that knew how to get into HTML, and were the originators of why the internet is not a “fad” anymore. I think I may now know a thing or two with the internet, and this comes from my personal and professional background. I am going into my 10th year at very well recognized internet company, GoDaddy, and I work with the Domain Industry as of now specifically.

This will absolutely be expanded on, as I have years of experience, stories, and strategy on making a better internet for life, and centuries, millenniums to come. this is more so a placeholder page and will have my posts and pages organized in future Time.

Pick my brain and I can provide plenty of angle.

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