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November 23, 2021 8:34 PM

I have been away from my laptop for a while…I should work on my site on my PC once in a while, but it seems as though each device serves its use… lol or so the mind wants to think. anyways I did work on the site briefly in my travels to Iowa, on 10/24, but sheesh still a full month. I need to write a more thorough post on the in between, it seems a good amount has been added to my wealth of knowledge to share. just wanted to touch base and post on the internet.



Oct 13, 21- 2:12am

Just wrapping up the night here editing the site. I am on week 2 of my new job role, its a time period of adjustments for sure, in a positive manner. Today on the site I focused on my contact page, labeled “there.”, i like the concept of here and there, and when you are here you are home and when you are there you want to connect, well there.. so any ways just a cool idea for now, at some point or another I may have to conceal or maybe add more for business, TIME will tell. -I am ramped up on reserved energy, and I had some soda at a viewing of Venom 2 at my movie theater/ cinema around the block. anyways….. so editing the site I updated the homepage, the contact page, added syntax to the links, updated favicon to a temp favicon, need to get a logo and then find a featured imaged when shared. need to updated homepage UI, maybe have some help with outsourcing. Start creating portfolio pages and add featured images. that sums about the majority of the thought I have on the website update. I will return again soon.




Oct 6 2021- 1032am PHX

Added photo I found on my archives, you can check out my tweets from this discovery and update, I am excited to be reconnected with my lost data from 2009-2015. I have gone almost 7 years without all my old photo, and computer memories, my personal project over the next few weeks will be to aggregate the data, sort and purge the data, meshing it with my current structure. I will keep the original HDD intact, like a time capsule, who knows even make a back up for the sake of it.

alright that’s it for now

over and out -j. 10:35am


Oct 4 21 – 5:44p AZ time. Monday.

a quick thought, all media on site, will be sourced by me personally and my fingertips. I will cite external work, stock images for shoes is a given and are not my photos if used.

I have most of the structure completed. need to work on filling content and data. also frequency of updating, need to find routine and deliver said tasks, stick to my personal word/thought.

hmm thats it for now. 5:48 out. -jw


02 Oct 2021 12:41 a m

This website is currently under development.

It was once created on around 2012 and lost due to improper data retention. It was last known on the internet in 2016, you can view the archive here:

I will be trying to recreate very similarly and also adding some more up to date thoughts.

no timeline on completion, however want a cool representation of me and my identity on the internet.

Please reach out if you have feedback! 🙂