Will create an updated self reflection, however for now I plan on showing my previous captured page from 2012-2015. Still trying to extract as much data as I can from my old site, its salvaging from a complete loss, but I have a neural connection to the past to restructure how I want my digital footprint to be displayed. having the photo would be cool too ill continue to search for original data (updated on 06 Oct 2021 and entered in photo after searching and finding my personal archives). Below copied from the internet archive circa 2016:


A self bio. (a continuing work in progress, updated Feb 2015)

-In this world we are confined to many rules and regulations, so when I have a chance to be creative and interact, why not display my best emotions and actions.

I like to be myself, I mean who doesn’t.

I was born back in the year 1991, on May 16, which makes me a Taurus, and currently 23 years old.

Some things I enjoy, are vibing to some classic tunes on my 8 track player, reminiscing the older days with the great artists and bands. In addition, I am fairly competent in the technology field; enjoy tinkering with computer hardware, as in building or repairing devices, computers, video game systems, cellphones, etc. I also am fond of playing with website layouts, and tinkering with cell phone capabilities(note to self condense and create a blog link) such as modifying firmware or finding ways to integrate these micro devices for things other than talking and texting.

Sports and training is almost a second nature to me now, I used to dread practicing sports throughout school years, but now I have built activities into my schedule to balance my work, personal, and mental life to keep me in focus of my goals. I train currently for health and fitness overall and plan on participating in Track and Field events 2015-2016. I also am newly and avid hockey athlete and enjoy my time on the ice, as well as learning a sport to play for a lifetime.

Family is important to me, no matter how much I am with or away, and I am happy for the experiences that have been accumulated throughout the years, all the ups and downs. I plan on having one of my own in the future, and understanding how you build your families strength, and trust will guide me on that path. I love my own family as most should, and this extends out to my relatives, as they have created an interaction that bonds a solid relationship between all our backgrounds.

Classic Nike and Air Jordan gear, not the most important to me, but I do enjoy keeping my feet comfortable and fresh, this is one of my favorite hobbies, as there is many things involved. It’s always nice being able to find the missing gems, and adding to the collection, or networking and meeting new peers. This realm is one I will probably be with for the long haul, been part of me since my mid teen years and continuing. For now my personal favorite pair I own for the “Shoe Minded”, would be the Jordan Carmine 6s that I have from 1991.

An effective leader, in progression and development, not at its maximum level that is, yet I have skills I have developed over the years to help me enhance my leadership abilities and contribute to not only my personal growth, but my surrounding peers and followers. I am an Eagle Scout, which is a rare accomplishment in my generation, I have lead a sales and technology team with my time at Staples, an office store I worked with for 5 years. I have presented many skills to help develop my fellow colleagues at GoDaddy, helping build relations and to be able consult to our customers needs, as well as, teaching ideas that will make working more simple and enjoyable. I plan on using the skills I have and creating a path to be able to effectively lead others in the right direction, with focus’ to help fields of interest that will help our community’s grow, not only in size but in intelligence.

Good friends and past times… Building friendships, and not starting chaos, keeps me at ease. Most of my great buds are from my school years, but have found many through other networking opportunities and career paths, and can say they have sparked some ideas in me, to keep me motivated, I usually talk too much and set huge goals, but more than likely being my friend and you reading this you can already see progress, and understand my alternative ways.

Photo on 8-12-12 at 9.31 PM

Me – Circa Summer 2012