a page about me

JW Kimbro

I like tacos, nachos, burritos, and hot cheetos. ramen pizza sushi sandwiches you name it i probably enjoy it, no tomatoes or mayo

may 16 1991 a day I found was pretty cool, I became me, the coolest taurus, claimed.

tech is cool, so is school, I went to MIT for a course, and know a pinch of sales, and business to business things from my career and ongoing self education.

I enjoy music, preferably in 8track and mp3 format

Collector of Dragon Ball, nike, apple, usmint, nintendo, sony, and some plants house and herbal.

anyways this page will probabbly update time to time and i only want to spend like 10 min on it now.

jw kimbro

June 23, 2023

Cool gadgets i am using lately:

-ipod 20GB color (2005) neat fact, it was only available for about 4 months before the ipod video came out

-psp-1001 (2005)- playing spyro 2, and gameboy emulation, I have custom firmware on this to play super nintendo, ps1, gameboy, sega etc

-nintendo switch (2017) primarily mario kart, some pokemon, zelda, animal crossing, mostly first party nintendo titles

-macbook pro (2016)

-macbook (2006) (Black)

-htc one m8 (2015) – fm radio (until I can budget time to update custom firmware)

-sony tc-228 (1972)

-samsung galaxy tab pro s (2016)